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"There are two things born from mountains, shining so brilliantly that the great bow down, driving darkness from earth circled by
roaring waters. One is the flaming sun, single wheel bright as lightning, the other is Tamil that has no like." — from the
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re: Sri Lanka IDPs

Due to recent eruption of violence in the eastern part of Sri Lanka , 72,000 people have
been displaced from Vaharai, Sampoor and Muthur. Among the displaced 17700 are
children of whom 10500 are school going. 41,500 (1160 families) people are in 61
refugee camps.
Sri Lanka’s Neglected Population

IMC's mobile clinics bring health care to those
who need it most

By Sonia Walia

n recent years, the coastal region of Trincomalee in eastern Sri Lanka has been
buffeted by civil war and natural disaster.
Nov 4 - 10, 2007
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“A way must be found to eliminate war
as a means of settling quarrels between nations.”
- Paul W. Tibbets Jr., (1915-2007)
Pilot of Enola Gay, the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb
Living with Nature [HA]

"From a tradition of love in life flows the
pleasure and grace of humanism" -
In the Aftermath of
the A’Pura Attack

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj
Anatomy of Tiger
Assault on
Anuradhapura Air
Force Base [TC]
“Brigadier” Thamilchelvan, The “Smiling”
Face of LTTE [TC]

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

he mood amidst cadres and supporters of the Tamil
Eelam Liberation Tigers was on the ascendant after the
successful attack on the Anuradhapura air base.

Thursday November 1st saw a special ceremony
Who Among the 21 Tigers Got Alive From
Anuradhapura? [TC]

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

iberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) supremo
Velupillai Prabakharan has bestowed military honours to
some of his cadres who were involved in the attack on
the Saliyapura Air Force Base. Apparently four different
types of awards were distributed at a ceremony held in
an undisclosed location of the Wanni on Thursday
November 1st .
JR’s Kandy March in 1957 and the “Veeraya”
Who Stopped it at Imbulgoda [FI]

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

ast month saw the golden jubilee of a shameful event
in the political annals of this Country. October 3rd 1957
was the day on which the United National Party
organized a protest march to Kandy from Colombo
under the leadership of Junius Richard Jayewardena.
JR’s Kandy march as it was known played a very
negative role in souring ethnic relations in the Island.
Hong Kong in China: Two Systems in One Country [FI]

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

he Ceylon Workers Congress which held its party convention in Chilaw on
Sunday October 28th has passed a resolution urging that a scheme on the lines of
the “Hong Kong” model be set up for the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri
Greatest Obstacle to Achieve Peace in Sri Lanka: Poor Governance
and Bigoted Vision [TC]

by Ranjit Emerson

oor governance and shallow visionary thinking of the elected governments
leadership are the main causes for Sri Lanka to struggle thus far.
Why psy-ops and censorship cannot survive in IT age [ST]

By J.S. Tissainayagam

his week saw the government imposing a ban to "print, publish, distribute or
transmit" material pertaining to proposed military operations or arms
procurements, and the "deployment of troops or personnel." But as suddenly as it
was imposed so was the ban withdrawn.
Federalism one country; militarism two countries [FI]

by Fr. Alfred Alexander, S.S.S.

It is worthless to debate words rather than issues:

The seed of Federalism was planted in the North and East as far back as 1926.

None other than the Oxford-educated SWRD Bandaranaike was once invited by
the Tamil Youth Congress to address them.

The subject he chose on that occasion was, “Federalism as the only solution to
the political problems”. This was, in fact, his response to the British Government
when it handed its reins over to the Sri Lankan politicians with these words: “Divide
and Rule”.
Why Are Muslim Ministers Betraying Muslim Interests in North-East?

by Fathima Mohamed

here are 24 Muslim Members of Parliament, out of 225 in total. Eighteen of them
hold ministerial portfolios. Every single Muslim political party-SLMC, ACMC, NUA,
NMC, DUA-is in the government. Yet, ordinary Muslims in the north and east
continue to suffer despite the parties relying primarily on votes from the East and
the North. And all these ministers do nothing much to help. In fact, they assist a
Sinhala racist government.
The Muslim Dream of Returning Home [TC]

by Sharika Thiranagama

When I went home again for the first time, I thought, this is the soil I was born in.
This is the smell of my land, the red fields, the earth as red as blood. This is what
my own land looks like. I wept. I screamed. All the memories I had as a child of
every place. When we came home from school we would find the bodies of the
slain. Once the helicopter came, the army, and bombed us. I remember all of this.
Now we are like tourists. If we go there, when we think of our homes we cry with our
memories, we left this and came. We left our brick house and came to live in
cadjan (thatch) huts with the rain and snakes. How we used to live there! Our
house is bombed, the walls are not even there. The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of
Tamil Eelam) had taken everything there was” - Mumida
Torture Becoming Routine For Counter-Terrorism in Lanka [TC]

By Manfred Nowak

Recently, I undertook a visit to Sri Lanka from 1 to 8 October 2007.

I express my appreciation to the Government for the full cooperation it extended to
me. In addition to detention facilities in Colombo, and the south east of the country,
including in Galle, I also visited police stations and prison facilities between
Trincomalee and Kandy, in the eastern and central parts of the country,
Wait for our ‘home
grown solution’ -
SL President
Rajapaksa [FI]

By Dr. S.
Public face of the Tamil Tigers [BBC]

By Ethirajan Anbarasan
Paul W. Tibbets Jr., Pilot of Enola Gay, Dies at 92 [NY Times]

Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets Jr., the commander and pilot of the Enola Gay, the
B-29 Superfortress that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in the final days of
World War II, died today at his home in Columbus, Ohio. He was 92.

His death was announced by a friend, Gerry Newhouse, who said General Tibbets
had been in decline with a variety of ailments. Mr. Newhouse said General Tibbets
had requested that there be no funeral or headstone, fearing it would give his
detractors a place to protest.
The Next Steps For Burma [Yale Global]

The international community, including ASEAN, must press for a contact group and
a truth commission

by Amitav Acharya

The saffron uprising in Burma made two things clear:

First, the Burmese junta wields enough power to overwhelmingly crush its
opponents. It cares little about the worldwide revulsion against repression of
peaceful protests, generated by the Citizen, Internet and Mobile (CIM) effect, which
now powerfully complements the CNN effect.
U.S. Yoga Craze Boosts India's Tourism [NPR - AUDIO]

by Lucy Craft

oga has resurged in popularity in the United States. And Mysore, in southern
India, is cashing in on the craze. The city has been transformed by Americans'
(and other foreigners) fascination with yoga. It is boosting tourism.
Once Just a Stopover, an Australian City Grows Up [NY Times]

ONCE just a stopover for tourists en route to either the Great Barrier Reef or the
beaches on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, the eastern Australian city of Brisbane
has emerged as an alluring destination in its own right.

Returning recently to the city where I grew up and left 15 years ago for fast-paced
Sydney, I found Brisbane to be almost unrecognizable. No longer a large country
town, the capital of Queensland is now Australia's fastest growing city, and a
plethora of new cafes, bars and shops, not to mention a beautiful new modern art
gallery, add up to the kind of place that you could easily spend several days
In Pictures: Water: H2O=Life [NY Times - Slide Show]
Kamalammal passes away [Hindu]

Film fraternity pays homage to Sivaji Ganesan’s

Kamalammal, wife of legendary actor Sivaji
Ganesan, passed away here on Friday after a brief
illness. She was 68.

Kamalammal was admitted to a private hospital after
she complained of difficulty in breathing recently.
She passed away there after a cardiac arrest,
caused by pulmonary embolism (blood clot) Friday
AOL Launches Tamil Internet Portal [AOL] is launching content channels in the Hindi
and Tamil languages, improving the breadth of
AOL's offerings at a time when the online audience
in India is skyrocketing. The number of Internet
users in urban India has grown by 28% in the past
year, and about 60% of all active online Indians (30
million) prefer to read in local Indian languages.*
The Hindi and Tamil language portals will have
language sections in News, Cinema and Astrology.

Click for Tamil Site: AOL Tamil
All is VEL [Hindu

As actor Suriya strikes back after a hiatus, t.
krithika reddytalks to him about his Diwali
release “Vel”, the pauses in his career and, of
course, fatherhood

As the sullen whipping boy, he gave Nanda a quiet
dignity. He hit us in the gut with his visceral anger in
Khaka Khaka. As a suave businessman-lover and
the menacing Ghajini, he proved to be a hurricane
at the box-office. Now, Suriya is set to make a
double impact with his Diwali release Vel.
“Nothing Grows Under the Banyan Tree
and Other Stories” [TW]

Remarks by Chief Guest, Ambassador Robert Blake
at the book launch of “Nothing Grows Under the
Banyan Tree and Other Stories”

The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon (Daily News)
- Wednesday, October 31, 5:30pm, Atrium Lobby,
Cinnamon Grand

Mr. Pramod DeSilva, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Dr.
Tissa Abeysekara, Hon. Anura Priyadharshana
Yapa, Hon. Luxman Yapa Aberwardane, Ladies and

It is an honor for me to be here tonight to serve as
Chief Guest for the launching of the anthology
Nothing Grows Under the Banyan Tree and Other
Stories. At the outset let me express my admiration
and congratulations to the organizers of this event,
The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, for
undertaking this important initiative to recognize and
give encouragement to short story authors writing in
Canadian-Tamil films banking on success

On a July evening, Kanapathy Ravinthiran rushes to
his apartment on Kennedy Rd. in Scarborough from
his workplace in North York. He takes a quick
shower and makes a cup of tea. He drinks it
hurriedly as he waits for a call that may come any
minute from Kandepan Kanagalingam, who has
been assigned to pick up Ravinthiran and two
[Toronto Star]