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Jan  27- Feb 2, 2008
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"There are two things born from mountains, shining so brilliantly that the great bow down, driving darkness from earth circled by
roaring waters. One is the flaming sun, single wheel bright as lightning, the other is Tamil that has no like." — from the
[Berkeley Tamil]
A society which
values its womenfolk
must necessarily
reach great heights

by Justice C.V.

“A society which values
its womenfolk must
necessarily reach great
heights in social wellbeing
and cohesiveness. And
our Hindu tradition has
always stressed the
importance of women and
their wellbeing”, Justice C.
V. Wigeswaran, at the 3rd
Annual Nahammal
Kasipillai Memorial
Oration held recently at
the Sivananda Nilayam,
Saiva Mangaiyar
Kazhagam, Wellawatte.
Remembering the
legacy of Ms.
Nahammal Kasipillai

by Dushiyanthini
"Some knowledge and some song and some beauty must be
kept for those days before the world again plunges into
- Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999) Author
13 th amendment, the problem today not the
solution [FI]

by Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne

fter going through series of elaborate and far
reaching discussions on united state of regions,
federalism, internal self determination etc., etc., we
have come back to the 13 th amendment.
Mahinda has reduced APRC to a
parliamentary Select Committee [FI]

by Mano Ganesan

ahinda Rajapakse, soon after he became president
convened all political parties represented in the
Parliament to a conference. It is called the All Party
Conference (APC).
Prudence Necessary in Sri Lanka for Peace and Prosperity [TC]

By Subra S. Massey

In the name of peace and prosperity prudence is the only weapon

I ponder and pondered. How to solve this circle of violence in Sri Lanka? History
tell us that most problems were solved by one party to the conflict becomes the
victor and the other party becomes the vindicated.
TNL Double Standards on Animal Slaughtering In Sri Lanka [TC]

By Latheef Farook

hat on earth was the purpose of the TNL program on “animal slaughtering” on
Wednesday 26 December 2007 night?
Dayan Jayatilake Elected Chair of Anti-Racist UN Working Group [TC]

At a time when charges are being made in various circles that xenophobic and
racist tendencies are on the rise in Sri lanka, a UN body has elected a Sri Lankan
envoy to the UN as its new chairperson
“Is the Mahavamsa a tissue of myths?” [TC]

by Rohan Wasala

he Mahavamsa or The Great Chronicle of Ceylon (to use the title of the English
translation by Wilhelm Geiger of the ancient classic) is a book of history in the
form of a poem in the Pali language composed by a Bhikkhu named Mahanama at
Anuradhapura around the latter part of the 5th or the beginning of the 6th century
CE (Common Era).
Fullest degree of autonomy for provinces
within constitutional framework [FI]

Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe has
emphasised that “every effort should be made in good
faith to provide fullest degree of autonomy for
Provinces within the Constitutional framework”.
The Race to the
White House:
changes clothes in
(global) public [TC]

by Rajan Philips

he candidates are off
and running in the year
long marathon that will
determine the successor
to George W. Bush and
bring to an unremarkable
end his beleaguered
presidency of eight years
Jim Spain and the Ethnic Problem [TC]

by Izeth Hussain

n this article I will focus on my official relations with
Spain, which suggest that he played a far more
important role in the developments leading to the
Peace Accords of 1987 than is realized.
Fighting in Sri Lanka continues unabated as ceasefire expires [WSWS]

By Sarath Kumara

he formal end of the 2002 Sri Lankan ceasefire on January 16 has been marked
by daily clashes between the military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
(LTTE). Having unilaterally torn up the truce, the government and army top brass
have declared their intention of seizing the remaining LTTE strongholds in the
northern Wanni region by the end of the year.
In pictures: From edible to incredible [BBC]

Incredibly, everything you see in this image can be found in the kitchen.
Photographer Carl Warner has painstakingly captured all kinds of food in a series
of still lifes.
Opera's historic Sri Lanka first [BBC]

The opera, The Pearl Fishers, has been performed
for the first time in Sri Lanka - the country where
George Bizet's story of forbidden love is set.

The composer never visited the island but
correspondents say he was enchanted by the
fashionable Orientalism of the mid-19th Century.

He placed his tale of the love of a virgin priestess
for a pearl fisherman in Sri Lanka.

Performances of opera are rare on the island -
many of the cast are locals.
In Pictures: Egypt Attempts to Secure Border [NY Times]

Egypt moved to restore its border with Gaza on Friday, stationing border guards
and riot police to try to block Palestinians from entering, but Palestinians used a
bulldozer to knock down another portion of the wall, originally built by Israel just
inside Gaza, to continue their shopping spree.
In Pictures: Pakistan's Talibanization [NY Times]

The silhouette of a security guard at the entrance to the residence of Aftab Khan
Sherpao, who was until recently Pakistan's most senior law enforcement official.
Mr. Sherpao has criticized his government's failure to respond aggressively to the
rapidly spreading Taliban insurgency that is seeking to destabilize the country.
In pictures: India's Republic Day [BBC]

Republic Day marks the adoption of India's republican constitution in 1950 - three
years after independence from Britain.
A Literary Festival in English at Gaalla

by K.S.Sivakumaran

In the southern capital of Lanka, Gaalla (what they
call Galle and pronounced somewhat as Goall )
there was a gathering of nearly 40 delegates from
abroad and 50 from this country attending the
Literary Festival 2008 within the Fort and also
outside it. There were more than 1500 floating
members of the audience. One could  visibly see the
meticulous arrangement and hard work done in
organising this festival with the assistance from
sponsors and volunteers both from Lanka and
True example of empowerment [Hindu]


‘I write about women, all women’ says Tamil writer
Salma talking about her poetry and her first novel.

When a woman talks of social issues it is the easiest
thing to say it is vulgar. When men write something
similar, it is okay. But a different yardstick is applied
to women.
Language of lines and hues


K. Adimoolam, who died recently, was one of the
few artists who could claim mastery over both lines
and colours.

About Picasso he was to say later, “My mind reveres
him as my Guru even today after so many years.
The influence, which started mildly in 1964, became
very strong in the next three or four years and
disturbed me deeply.”
Mr. Goofy

He keeps the audience seated with his stand-ups.
s.r. ashok kumartalks to Kollywood’s inimitable Imsai

Two years ago, he left the masses hanging on to
every word he uttered in Imsai Arasan 23-am
Pulikesi. Having declined 22 films to play hero for
the second time, Kollywood’s incomparable goofy
Vadivel has no regrets. As Indiralogathil Naa
Azhagappan gets ready for release, the actor gets
serious about what it takes to be a funny guy.
Blast from the past

Ashok Kumar 1941

M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, Chittoor V. Nagaiah,
P. Kannamba, T. V. Kumudhini, M. G.
Ramachandar, N. S. Krishnan and T. A. Mathuram

A popular folk myth drawn from Buddhist tales built
around Asoka the Great, his son Veer Kunal and
young amorous wife was filmed more than once as
a silent film in Hindi as Veer Kunal, and in Tamil as
Ashok Kumar. (Kunal became Gunaalan in Tamil.)
However, there is no historic proof of the story
which has many parallels with another oft-filmed folk
myth Sarangadhara.
Flippant fare

When the sole aim is to make characters talk in
chaste Tamil the other departments automatically
take a backseat, as they do in Pyramid Saimira &
Amma Creations’ Vaazhthugal (U). Eschewing
English isn’t wrong, but not at the cost of being
natural. Writer-director Seeman’s earlier film Thambi
had sequences that made you sit up and take
notice. His Panchalankurichi had vibrancy. But
Vaazhthugal is so tryingly obsessed with dialogue
that the story, narration and direction have been
given the go by. Initially you can smile at the
affectation, but not when it goes on and on …
Wedding bells for Tamil actor [Newstoday]

Tamil actor Vindhya is all set to wed
Gopalakrishnan alias Gopi, the brother of
yesteryear actor Bhanupriya. The wedding will take
place on 16 February at Lord Krishna temple in
Photo Op-Ed: A Man on the Street [NY Times]

In America’s poorest ghettos, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s portrait is one of
the most popular subjects of public art.
"An eye for eye will make us all blind" -
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi [Oct 2, 1869-Jan 30, 1948]

Mohandas K. Gandhi: The Indian Leader at
Home and Abroad [NY Times Archives]