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"There are two things born from mountains, shining so brilliantly that the great bow down, driving darkness from earth circled by
roaring waters. One is the flaming sun, single wheel bright as lightning, the other is Tamil that has no like." — from the
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Jan 6 - 12, 2008
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Coming of age
Keeping our ties
closer to our culture
and tradition [HA]

by Dushiyanthini

Puberty means the girl
transforms physically and
emotionally. When girls
attain puberty, the day
and the time are marked
by her mother
Putting Lankan Race Relations through
Woman Director's Lenses [TW]

by K.S.Sivakumaran

ankan film made basically in Sinhala with added
dialogues in Thamil and English is a welcome
cinematic production.

The film is by the ace woman filmmaker - Sumitra
Peries. I saw this film a few weeks back at the
Regal. I missed a few scenes at the beginning
because I could not reach the venue on time due to
unusual traffic congestion, probably because of the
security provided to VVIPs. I saw quite a few
politicians at the Premier.
Pictures of 2007
org [TW]
“To injure no man, but to
bless all mankind”
"The best thing about the future is
that it comes only one day at a time."
- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 16th President of United States
Slow Burn in Sri Lanka War [FI]

by Col R Hariharan (Retd.)
Govt Must Protect Human Rights and Foster Pluralism [TC]

by Lionel Bopage

ny government genuinely looking after the interests of its people would stand for
pluralism and the fundamental democratic and human rights of its people. Thus
that government will be obliged to take all the necessary steps to uphold the rule
of law and to establish and maintain appropriate mechanisms to prevent the abuse
of power and protect the life and liberty of every individual. This includes the right
to life, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom from
torture, arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention.
Renewed fighting delays reconstruction in north and east [IRIN]

Three years after the tsunami devastated Sri Lanka, the island’s eastern and
northern districts which were hardest hit, lag far behind southern areas in post-
tsunami recovery.
Army Commander calls journalists traitors

The Free Media Movement (FMM) is deeply
disturbed to note that the commander of the Sri
Lanka Army, Major General Sarath Fonseka, has
named sections of the media and journalists as
traitors. In an interview published in the State
controlled Sinhala daily Dinamina on 2nd January
2008, Major General Fonseka said that this was the
only obstacle the military could not surmount in its
fight to defeat the LTTE.
Sri Lankan president marks tsunami anniversary by beating the war
drums [wsws]

By Panini Wijesiriwardane

ith more than 21,000 Sri Lankans still wallowing in squalid camps three years
after the terrifying tsunami that struck the region on December 26, 2004, President
Mahinda Rajapakse has used the anniversary, not to pledge more rapid
reconstruction, but to defend his government’s resumption of civil war.
India’s duty towards persons of Indian origin in Sri Lanka [TW]

by G. Varghese
t is generally known that the present government is concerned only about the
rights of the majority-Sinhala Buddhists.
Martyrdom staring at Sri Lanka Human
Rights defender Mano Ganesan [TW]

A fourth Lawmaker Mano Ganesan, the patron of
abducted Tamils in Colombo, remains the lone voice
in the wilderness, despite martyrdom staring in his
Sri Lanka takes off the gloves [Asia Times]

By Sudha Ramachandran

oted analyst D B S Jeyaraj told Asia Times Online
that the government withdrew from the ceasefire
under pressure from the military. "The military is
planning massive onslaughts against the LTTE in
Wanni, which will involve indiscriminate bombing,
shelling and so on. And it does not want the Sri
Lanka Monitoring Mission [SLMM] to maintain even
its weak presence there," Jeyaraj said.
It’s time to get fresh [Hindu]

trend It is a brave new world as first-time
directors and actors light up the Tamil screen.

It is official - Shruti Hassan will make her debut with
actor Madhavan. A bunch of visual communication
students is set to rock in another film Mayilu. This
film from Prakash Raj’s production house marks the
directorial debut of cinematographer Jeevan. And,
there is a buzz about Kangalum Kavipaduthey,
directed by K. Chandernath, which launches six
freshers in lead roles. Balaji Sakthivel’s film,
Kalloori, also has an all-new cast, and it is already
drawing crowds.
Why I like... Mozhi

I like the fact that Mozhi was one of the Tamil
movies that didn’t require a star. For a change, it
wasn’t a Vijay movie or an Ajith or a Vikram movie. I
also liked the fact that a woman had a big part to
play in it. A lot of the film was on Jyotika’s shoulders.
She did a fabulous job

Yen for melody

riter-director Jayamurugan has an ear for music.
The songs of his first film, Roja Malarae that had
Murali in the lead, were on everybody’s lips then.
This time round, he’s not only written the lyrics but
has also comp osed the music, along with Thomas,
for his next directorial venture, Adada Enna Azhagu.
(Haven’t you heard a similar sounding title before?)
Jai Akash and Nicole are the lead players, and
joining them in the cast are Raghuvaran, Ashish
Vidyarti and Aishwarya. For comedy, there’s
Karunas. After a stint in Ooty, the Adada… unit is
busy shooting in Chennai, following which it
proposes to move to Hyderabad. Will Akash churn
out a hit this time?
Film Review: Flooded with new faces-
Pazhaniappa Kalloori

Many films these days deal with stories that take
place in colleges. Anbalaya Films’ Pazhaniappa
Kalloori is one such. Here the director is new and
has not hesitated to use new faces as well. The
production house has till n ow done more than a
dozen films, featuring new faces. Pradeep is a
college goer, who is soft spoken. He is not only
studious, but also helps his mother Rohini who runs
a roadside idli shop. In college, he gets into an
altercation with another student Gajini.
Blast from the past

Menaka 1935

T. K. Shanmugham, T. K. Bhagavathi, K. T.
Rukmini, M. S. Vijayal and N. S. Krishnan:
Menaka won its place in the history of Tamil cinema
as the first film to portray a contemporary theme,
known in the Indian movie idiom, as ‘social’. Ever
since cinema began to talk Tamil in 1931, all films
made until 1935 were either mythological, epic, folk
tales or once upon a time there was a king or saint
kind of stories.
Dancing fingers, colourful costume

Bright yellow… lime green… off-white… the
dress matters as much as the dance. On those
indispensable craftsmen, who make the art
come alive.

December is the springtime of opportunity for
costumers for classical dance in Chennai. There is
frenzied activity in their tiny studios as machines
hum ceaselessly to complete the costumes that will
bring a collective gasp from the audience. Many of
them have transcended the boundary from being
skilled craftsmen to artistes in their own right. Their
services, honed by years of practice and knowledge
of their clients’ tastes, are much sought after. As
NRIs flock home like nesting birds and the art of
Bharatanatyam fans out across the globe, there is
great demand for their expertise.
In Pictures: Street Eats in Bangkok [NYTimes]

Bangkok may boast the finest street food on earth. The city has long attracted
migrants from across Asia, so its street cuisine, both at vendor carts and in tiny
restaurants, blends many styles of cooking. Yaowarat Road in Chinatown is one of
the best places to go.
In Pictures: Weekend in Singapore [NYTimes]

Sentosa, an island resort just over a causeway bridge, is a popular escape for
Singaporeans. You can stroll through lush green scenery, get a rubdown at a
luscious spa or take a dip in the tropical waters.
Kumar Ponnambalam:
"Tireless advocate of the legitimate cause of Tamils in Sri Lanka" [TW]

by Dr Kumaraguruparan [General Secretary of ACTC]

rich black rose in style but a vociferous voice of Tamils of the bygone decade
has been snatched from us at the dawn of this decade on the 5th January 2000. It
is no one but most courageous defender of the human rights of Tamils and an
eminent criminal lawyer Kumar Ponnambalam, the General Secretary of All Ceylon
Tamil Congress.
The Invisible Hand of Globalization [Yale Global]

by Susan Froetschel

Billions of economic decisions from entrepreneurs, consumers and investors are a
force beyond the control of regulators

Every time global financial markets go into turmoil, most recently thanks to the US
sub-prime mortgage fiasco, voices rise to demand global regulation. But then the
question emerges – can central bankers of the world tame the global financial
In pictures: Photos of the year: 2007 [BBC]

Thousands of monks and civilians marched against Burma's military rulers amid
tear gas and live bullets. A government crackdown on the protests sparked
international action, with the United States and European Union imposing
sanctions and embargoes.
The govt. decision to abrogate the Ceasefire
agreement and its implications [TC]

By Jeevan Thiyagarajah

he Information released last night of a reported
cabinet decision to annul /withdraw from the
Ceasefire agreement was one which causes
profound sadness.
Truce End Shows Need for UN Monitors [FI]

The imminent departure of Norwegian-led monitors
from Sri Lanka highlights the need for a UN human
rights monitoring mission, Human Rights Watch said
APRC Under Pressure to Propose 13th
Amendment Plus as Interim Solution [FI]

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

uch maligned and mis - understood in recent times
, the All Party Representative Committee (APRC)
continues to forge ahead with its task of drafting a
comprehensive scheme of Constitutional reform that
would provide maximum power sharing between
centre and periphery.
The Assassination of Thiagarajah
Maheswaran [TC]

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

ear 2008 dawned on a dreadful note for Tamils in
Sri Lanka as one more democratically elected
Parliamentarian was assassinated in broad daylight.
Blend of Business Acumen and Political
Savvy [TC]

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

o succeed in business one needs a certain amount
of political skill. To succeed in politics one requires a
certain degree of business sense.