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"There are two things born from mountains, shining so brilliantly that the great bow down, driving darkness from earth circled by
roaring waters. One is the flaming sun, single wheel bright as lightning, the other is Tamil that has no like." — from the
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Dec 30, 2007 - Jan 5, 2008
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'Christmas hopes
from Jaffna' [TC]

by Dushiyanthini
Coming of age
Keeping our ties
closer to our culture
and tradition [HA]

by Dushiyanthini

Puberty means the girl
transforms physically and
emotionally. When girls
attain puberty, the day
and the time are marked
by her mother
Perspectives on Politics and Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka [TC]

by Col R Hariharan (Retd.)

he recent success of President Rajapaksa in cruising his budget proposals with a
combination of carrot, stick, muscle power, rhetoric and backroom deals (ultimately
they always come to light in Sri Lanka) through a divided house has underlined his
strategy of ‘hastening slowly.’
War effort must be supported by politics and diplomacy [TC]

By Dayan Jayatilleke

You can’t make the mistake of being weak. If you’re weak with security, you are
defeated.”-Fidel Castro: My Life (2007: 321)

We are about to step into 2008, the 60th year of Sri Lanka’s Independence. It
shows every sign of being a decisive year. Indeed it must be made so. Sixty years
after independence is the right historical and psychological moment to resolve the
major problem facing Sri Lanka. That is the reunification of this small island. Sri
Lanka’s natural borders must be its political boundaries. Its armed forces must
enjoy the sole monopoly of violence throughout its territory. Whatever its internal
arrangements, the country must be one, single, indivisible political entity.
The call to compassionate inclusivity [TC]

A Christmas Message from the Rt Revd Duleep de Chickera, Bishop of

Christmas, the festival that celebrates the birth of Christ has been largely
misunderstood over the years. Today it mostly suggests festivity and self-
indulgence with some peripheral sharing and giving. This popular emphasis does
little to change people and relationships for the better, and is limited to a few days
known as the “season”
Is it a crime to be a Tamil in Sri Lanka?[TC]

by Yenmozhi

n the end anti black, anti female, and all forms of
discrimination equivalent to the same thing- anti
humanism”-Shirley Chisholm-American Politician, the
first African-American to win a seat in the United
States Congress
Racial profiling of Tamils is not the answer

“Racial profiling and callous treatment of a section of
society is not the answer”, said The Bottom Line, in
its editorial on December 26th.
In Pictures: Vanni Tsunami Memorial Events

Memorials were held throughout the Liberation
Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held North-East areas
marking the 2004 tsunami on December 26, 2007.

These pictures are from memorials held in
Vanni-Katsilai Madu, Uduththurai, Kallaru &
On the Ground and in the Water, Tracing a Giant Wave’s Path [NY Times]

“This tank is one of the most wonderful pieces of equipment I have,” said Dr.
Fernando, 52, the director of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Program at
Arizona State. “It’s amazing.”

After a tsunami swept across the Indian Ocean in 2004 and killed an estimated
300,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, Dr. Fernando used his
amazing piece of equipment to determine why the wave was so lethal.
Introduction to the Media and the Crafts in
Thamil [TW]

by K.S.Sivakumaran

tanislaus Moses works as a Permanent Producer
for the Thamil section of Rupavahini -the Eye
Channel. A Thamil major graduate from the Eastern
University and a Chartered Journalist passing out
from the Colombo University obtaining Distinction.
Presently he in the final year of his Masters study in
Communication and media. He is also following a
course in Multimedia in advance stages. There we
see he would be an asset in multimedia in Thamil.
Dance of a lifetime [Hindu]

Gurus V.P. Dhananjayan and Shantha reflect on
their 55 years in dance and their association with

It is 55 years since they took to dance; though
Shantha came to it by design and Dhananjayan by
accident, it has remained A calling all their lives.
Silk Smitten [OutlookIndia]

Kanjeevarams don a designer avatar, and mega
prices ...

by Pushpa Iyengar

would die for an MS Blue," says V.R. Devika, who
describes herself as a cultural activist. She is
referring to the colour made famous by the
legendary vocalist M.S. Subbulakshmi. She, like
many others in her circle, wouldn't be seen dead in
the new mega-priced Kanjeevaram silk saris that
come with sequins, stones and embroidery, shine
with synthetic zari and other embellishments that
Devika dismisses as the preferred choice of the
nouveau riche, movie stars and NRIs whose fashion
choices are dictated by their fat bank accounts
rather than an aesthetic sense.
Blast from the past

Sri Valli -- 1945

R. Mahalingam, Kumari Rukmini, N. S. Krishnan,
T. R. Ramachandran, T. A. Mathuram

Sri Valli catapulted AV. Meiyappan to fame. While
AVM’s creative man A. T. Krishnaswamy worked on
the script, Meiyappan was busy planning the
production. Whom to cast as the divine hero and
the earthly heroine?
The Fantastic FIVE [Hindu]

It was a landmark year for Tamil cinema. A record
105 films were released in 2007, with at least a
dozen making profits. The superstars continued to
dominate, with Rajnikanth’s Sivaji turning out to be
the top grosser. The year was also good for films
catering to Chennai’s multiplex audiences and those
made on a shoe-string budget, featuring
newcomers and dealing with fresh subjects. Film
making and marketing also underwent a sea
change with corporates such as Pyramid Saimira
bringing in a certain degree of professionalism into
the industry.
Divisive politics and the elusive peace [TC]

By Dr. S. Narapalasingam

he narrow political aims of the parties competing for
power and the divisive ways it is sought and exercised
are responsible for the intractable problems
confronting Sri Lanka. Not only the armed struggle of
the LTTE for a separate Tamil state in the plural
society but also the power struggle within the Sinhala
polity is depriving peace and normality to the vast
majority of the people who are not involved in either
Year of Pyrrhic victory or Political maturity[FI]

by Rajan Philips

n terms of numbers and resources, the phrase,
Pyrrhic victory – meaning a short-lived victory that is
undone by its costs and casualties - applies more to
the LTTE than the Government of Sri Lanka. In that
sense, it is the LTTE that is now paying the price for
the Pyrrhic battle glories that it achieved in the past.
But a comprehensive military victory for the
government that is being declared as the goal for
2008 may well prove to be Pyrrhic in terms of the
total political, economic and social costs, for the
island as a whole and for a long time.
Pictures of 2007 from

“To injure no man, but to bless all mankind”
Sustainable and durable solutions for the

UN Expert Emphasizes sustainable and durable
solutions for Sri Lanka’s Internally Displaced Persons

"The predominant concern among IDPs is physical
G. P. Sippy, Indian Filmmaker Whose
‘Sholay’ Was a Bollywood Hit, Dies at 93

by Haresh Pandya

he Indian filmmaker and director G. P. Sippy,
whose 1975 blockbuster “Sholay” (“Embers”)
remains the most famous Hindi movie and the
biggest commercial success for Bollywood, died on
Tuesday in Mumbai. He was 93.

Directed by Mr. Sippy’s son Ramesh, “Sholay”
revolutionized Hindi filmmaking and brought true
professionalism to Indian script writing. Written by
Mr. Sippy’s favorite scriptwriting team, Salim Khan
and Javed Akhtar, “Sholay” was loosely styled on
“The Seven Samurai” and “The Magnificent Seven,”
and has been called India’s first “curry western.” In
“Sholay” two close friends who are small-time
thieves are recruited by a former police officer to
fight a ruthless bandit leader. Its stirring score is by
Rahul Dev Burman.
In Pictures: Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007 [NYTimes]

Benazir Bhutto in 1977, shortly after leaving Oxford. Two years later, her father,
the former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, would be executed. Ms. Bhutto would
also spend time in prison. But her political lineage and sophistication made her
popular in Pakistan and abroad.
In Pictures: Glimpse into the Galápagos [NYTimes]

The Galápagos Islands have served as a laboratory for life ever since they
bubbled up above the ocean’s surface more than five million years ago. Today
there are 13 main islands, and the newest are still being created by volcanic
activity. The most recent eruption occurred in 2005. Here, tourists explore Volcano
Chico on Isla Isabella.
In Pictures: Yemen [NYTimes]

The bustling central souk in Sana’s Old City is a Unesco World Heritage site.
Despite its superb architecture, intact traditional culture, stunning vistas and
passable tourist infrastructure, Yemen sees only a trickle of visitors.
2008: Year of Reckoning? [YaleGlobal]

by Ernesto Zedillo

he remarkable expansion in World output since 2003 has existed in tandem with
so-called global imbalances – huge current account deficits in the U.S. matched by
surpluses practically everywhere else. Foreigners have invested in dollar-
denominated assets, and this inflow of money has financed Americans’
expenditure in excess of income, which is reflected in the U.S. current account

The upside of this enlarged expenditure is that, along with the dynamism of the
emerging economies, it has served to propel vigorous global demand and growth.
Pa. Vijay:
First lyricist-turned-hero [Hindu]

Taking time off the discussion for his film ‘Thai
Kaaviyam’ Mr. Vijay reminisced the path he has
traversed and the road ahead