"Yathum Ure Yavarum Kelir"

“All the world is my world, all
humanity is my fraternity”
Tamil Week
" We don't want people jumping to the head of the line . . .
(but) if we err, we will always err
on the side of justice and on the side of compassion."
- Canada's 19th (1984 - 1993) Prime Minster Brian Mulroney,
On the arrival 155 Tamil refugees by boat to New Foundland
on Aug 11, 1986.
August 15-21, 2004
Weekly Roundup - From the Tamil Press [Sunday Observer]

The Sudaroli on Tuesday quoting Thamilselvan said former rebels JVP were made
partners in the government by President Kumaratunga but that party is now attempting
to swallow the President.
Interview: "JVP is against peace" [Sunday Leader]

Posts and Telecommunications Minister and senior most SLFP Parliamentarian, D. M.
Jayaratne in an interview with Chandana Suriyabandara of our sister paper Irudina said
the JVP was blocking the path to peace with its vehement apposition to commencing
negotiations based on the ISGA and refusing to come to a compromise on the issue with
its main coalition partner in the ruling UPFA.
Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka [The Weekly Standard]

MILITANT BUDDHISM may sound like a contradiction in terms, especially while Islamic
holy war is hogging the headlines. Nevertheless, in one of its periodic flare-ups in Sri
Lanka, extremist Buddhist nationalism is threatening both the physical safety and the
legal rights of that nation's Christian minority.

For purposes of comparison, consider: Sri Lanka is witnessing attacks on Christians at a
rate far higher than the much noted wave of anti-Semitic violence in France. While
church burnings and assaults on pastors and congregations have been mounting since
the late 1990s, they apparently reached a crescendo early this year.
Family plea over asylum [BBC News]

A Sri Lankan family who face deportation from Northern Ireland have pleaded with the
Home Office to reverse its decision over their asylum status.
Somasundram Pandara Nagarasa fled from his homeland with his wife and children after
his son was killed when they were caught up in conflict between the Tamil Tiger rebels
and the Sri Lankan army.
Dr. N.M. Perera 1905 - 1979 :  
An honest and upright politician [Sunday Observer]

Dr. N. M. Perera, had he lived, would have completed 99 years this year. He passed
away on August 14, 1979 and this year marks his 25th death anniversary.

It is not possible for anyone to deal with the varied aspects of a man of his learning and
stature, a colossus in his day and even to this.
Kumar Ponnambalam honoured as Mamanithar [Sunday Observer]

On that vociferous volcanic voice of the Tamils of our time is no more with us. Yes it is
now four years, snatched away from us in the dawn of 2000, the first martyr at the dawn
of the millennium. If he is alive he will count his sixty sixth birthday on this August 12.
That is my great late leader Kumar Ponnambalam, the son of G.G. Ponnambalam,
acknowledged leader of Tamils of the by gone era.
Murali out for four months [BBC News]

Muttiah Muralitharan will miss four months of cricket, including the ICC Champions
Trophy in England, as he gets set for surgery on his right shoulder.

Tamil superstar
daughter, was
hidden from the
public eye all
these years.

The girl had her
first brush with
the media.
Did children's book inspire Shyamalan? [CBC News]

NEW YORK - Publishing house Simon & Schuster is reviewing its legal options after
learning that M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, The Village, contains plot elements
similar to those in a children's book penned by one of its authors.
Shyamalan on Breakfast [BBC News]

This summer, cinema screens have been dominated by sequels and special effects
action movies but a film that's also taken America by storm and is about to grip the UK
is a good old fashioned scary movie. But there's a twist, of course.
Catching Kamal in action [The Hindu]

WHEN `KAVITHALAYA' Krishnan excitedly calls you up to speak about his recent
experience of watching Kamal Hassan acting out a sentimental sequence for "Vasool
Raja MBBS" your immediate thought is, `So, what's new?' Naturally.

Stating that Kamal Hassan is a commendable performer is not merely superfluous — at
times it could even sound presumptuous. But that Krishnan, who has done small roles
in as many as eleven Kamal films and seen the actor in action from close quarters
often, seems still overawed by the veteran's performing skills, kindles your curiosity.
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