"Yaathum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir"- Kaniyan Poongundranar
[Tamil poet from Pre-Christian Sangham era]
The New
“All the world is my world, all humanity is my fraternity”
- Translated  By Eelam Tamil Scholar Rev Fr. Xavier Thaninayagam
Nov 04
The Historical Quest
to Restore Tamil
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US vote boosts interest in Canada [BBC News]

Canadian immigration officials said the number of US citizens visiting their website
went up six-fold the day after the US election.  Their website, which on an average
day has some 20,000 hits, was visited by 115,016 on Wednesday.
Could the Blue States Secede? [Slate]
South Asia hopes to gain from Bush win [BBC News]

The re-election of George W Bush as US president is being welcomed in much of
South Asia. Concerns, however, are being led by the region's Muslims. This is an
area of the world that the president has engaged very closely with, particularly after
the 11 September attacks.

The leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan will be particularly relieved - both are
strong allies of the US-led war on terror and have staked their personal careers on it.
George Bush's convincing victory means the world will have to deal with an
even more assertive White House [The Sydney Morning Herald - Via Yale Global]

Did the Bush Administration learn anything from Iraq? The answer of a senior
Administration official speaking on election day: "Obviously, we learned a lot about
allies - the ones we can be confident in, and the ones we can't."
Immigration in America: Becoming Americanized [NPR Audio]

In a small Georgia town, the only Chinese family in the region works to assimilate. In
Atlanta, a city with a sizable immigrant population, another Chinese family travels the
path toward "Americanization." How do their children make out in the different
The nation state still thrives [The Hindu]

Nation states show no sign of going into decline and in the years to come China and
India will become major arbiters of all our futures.
The Battle over the Zapotec Bible [NPR Audio]

The issues surrounding the translation of the Bible into the local Zapotec language -
impact of global change on local cultures - from Yaganiza, an indigenous pueblo in
the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca.
Rivals fight for Bangalore's IT crown [BBC News]

Growing concern among hi-tech companies about Bangalore's infrastructure has
spurred states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab to pitch for new investment at
Bangalore's IT.Com 2004, the industry's key annual get-together.

The southern state of Kerala was the first in India to set up a software technology
park, but it let the imitative be snatched by the go-ahead authorities in Bangalore
and Hyderabad. Now, the new chief minister of Kerala, Oomen Chandy, has decided
to focus on IT investment for the state.
Sleep like a baby [The Hindu]

Having trouble getting restful sleep at night? Dr. N. RAMAKRISHNAN writes about
overcoming this problem.

Most people take sleep for granted and fail to observe some simple and healthy
habits that help get a restful sleep. Our health and ability to succeed depend on how
we meet our body's need for rest and quality sleep. There can be a wide variation in
the amount of sleep required for individuals. Most of us require an average of 6-8
hours. The following are some common sleep hygiene measures.
A new malaria vaccine shows it can save children [IHT]

For the first time, researchers say, a vaccine against malaria has shown that it can
save children from infection and death.  The vaccine, tested on thousands of
children in Mozambique, hardly performed perfectly: it protected them from catching
the disease only about 30 percent of the time and prevented it from becoming
life-threatening only about 58 percent of the time.
Pomegranate Punch [Marthastewart.com]

With their rich red color and bold sweet-tart taste, pomegranates make a festive
addition to any holiday menu.
The Pom Queen [Modbee]

Though pomegranates have been touted recently in trendy magazines as the hot,
hip produce to juice and use in gourmet meals, the crimson-colored orbs and their
tangy-sweet seeds have been a mainstay in 102-year-old Angie Hatton's kitchen for
Indian medicines, natural farming keep them going [The Hindu]

Sweet flag, cumin seed, coconut, banana and the pomegranate juice, which develop
immunity, play a major role in the life of Mr. Ali's family. His son, Moosa Manikfan, an
employee of a merchant navy, still takes Indian medicines whenever he falls sick.
Most of the vegetables they use are from their farm, nourished only with organic

Simple Home Remedies for Siddha, Ayurveda & Unani:   " Food is Medicine -
Medicine is Food" [TNHealth.org]
Pomegranate: [POMWonderful.com]

Sri Lankans brewed a medicinal tea from pomegranate buds to treat chronic
diarrhea and bronchitis, while the flowers were used to relieve sore eyes.