Propaganda, to be effective, must be
believed. To be believed, it must be
credible. To be credible, it must be true
.- Hubert Humphrey
Vice President, United States of America (1965 - 69)
Under President  Lyndon B Johnson)
Feb 12 - 18
Fate of Geneva talks depends on
Government - LTTE sincerity

by Harischandra

Two remarkable "U" turns by the chief actors have for the time being  helped
prevent the Sri Lankan shadow war  drama  from escalating into full scale
war. The Norway facilitated joint decision by the Government of Sri Lanka
(GOSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to commence  talks
in Geneva on February 22 nd  has reduced greatly  the violence and
resultant tensions prevailing very recently.
Geneva Talks

by Dr. S.

The efforts to
start Eelam War IV
failed for the
reasons set out in
some detail below.
In short, this time
the conditions in
Sri Lanka were
different and
importantly there
were external
pressures against
the resumption of
President courting enemy and all to pursue peace

Sweet music unlikely in the House on Valentine’s Day

by Dharisha Bastians

For the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration, it was a week to eat humble pie.
After the delegation for the talks in Geneva was announced the previous
week, the media took potshots at the inexperienced team Colombo had put
together, vis-à-vis the battle-hardened LTTE delegation led by Anton
Geneva: a
word of

By Dr. Pakiasothy

As the dates for
the talks in
Geneva approach
and preparations
go ahead, it is
worth reminding
ourselves as to
what is at stake.
Two languages, one nation,
one language two nations

Review: Professor Bertram Bastiampillai
[Editors: Wesley S. Muthiah & Sydney Wanasinghe: Two Languages, one
Nation, one Language two Nations, a young Socialist Publication, Colombo]

The introduction to this publication on a problem that has ever since 1956
when Sri Lanka adopted one official language ushered in trouble, murder
and mayhem is by Batty Weerakoon.
Will talks in Geneva dispel war clouds?

By: J. S. Tissainayagam

Articles appearing in the popular media during the past couple of months
have made reference to the LTTE being preoccupied in seeking for itself
international legitimacy as a group that had transcended the narrow confines
of being a military outfit and become an organisation having the requisite
sophistication and wherewithal to run a state (or at least a semi-state).
Indian Express:
Vaiko to
team with

Speculations have
gained strength
that the firebrand
politician would
quit the DPA and
join hands with
AIADMK chief and
Tamil Nadu Chief
Tigers consolidate while MR loses lifeline

By Sonali Samarasinghe

The peace talks scheduled to recommence this month are not expected to
record a smooth take off given LTTE dissatisfaction over alleged
government sponsored civilian killings in the north and east and the
abduction of 10 Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) members recently.

A substantial part
of Sri Lanka's
modern history is
about its struggle
against Indian
A crucial round [Frontline]

The outcome of the February talks in Geneva between the LTTE and the Sri
Lankan government will have a major impact on the chances of long-term
peace in the island.

On January 25, the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of
Tamil Eelam (LTTE) agreed to hold direct talks in Geneva on the
implementation of the ceasefire agreement, raising slender hopes of a
resumption of the stalled peace process. The talks are to be held in
Provocative abductions delay
Sri Lankan ceasefire talks[WSWS]

Sri Lanka  Provocative abductions delay Sri Lankan ceasefire talks By
Sarath Kumara 11 February 2006 Use this version to print | Send this link by
email | Email the author  The abduction of ten TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation
Organisation) members by unidentified gunmen last week put a question
mark over talks agreed by the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation
Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Interview with
TULF Leader:

‘Tamils want a
united system
with a federal

"If the LTTE is
against Karuna,
that means the  
LTTE considers
Karuna as a force.
“Ensure a peaceful environment
for talks to begin” [LTTEPS]

-Tamilselvan to Norwegian and Swiss Ambassadors

Reiterating the understanding reached between the Norwegian delegation
and the Tamil National Leader in the last meeting on 25 Jan 2006, Mr.S.P.
Tamilselvan, Head of the Political Wing told the Norwegian and Swiss
Ambassadors that bringing about an attitudinal change in Colombo vis-à-vis
military violence against civilians in occupied areas is very vital in the
present context.
An article of

by Radhika

Of all the political
celebrities in world
history, Mahatma
Gandhi has had
the most profound
impact on my
political ideas and
Plight of Sri Lanka’s
displaced people [HimalayanTimes]

by Feizal Samath

The plight of Sri Lanka’s displaced people whether from the 22-year long
ethnic conflict, the tsunami or floods is indeed pathetic. There have been
people who have been spending years on the move or living in refugee

Muslims resident in the Tamil-dominated northern region were chased away
from their homes by rebels in an exercise widely acknowledged as ethnic
cleansing in October 1990. Since then they have been staying in temporary
shelters in the northwest town of Puttalam for more than 15 years, also
running the risk of losing their lands in Jaffna since by law if a land is
unused for 10 years, the state can acquire it or someone will squat on it. It is
in this context that a new report by donors including the UN agencies calling
for land to be given to all the displaced irrespective of the kind of
displacement is welcome move and needs all the support it can get.
The IDP (Internally Displaced People) Working Group in Sri Lanka is urging
the government and all the stakeholders involved in post-tsunami work, that
there is a need to provide the same basic rights to the displaced whether
they are from the tsunami or affected by years of conflict.
Mansion plans on hold for Chandrika [BBC]

Ravaya editor Victor Ivan says the former president’s handing back the land
she got for her future home should not signal the end of the controversy.

The editor, who filed the petition claiming the action of the cabinet was
illegal, says that he is pleased that former president had finally decided to
give the land back.

Former president Chandrika Kumaratunge had decided to hand back the
plot of land designated for her future residence near the parliamnt in Kotte.
The land was gifted to the former president after a decision made by the
cabinet. President Kumaratunge was the head of state and the head of
cabinet at the time of the decision
Tobacco Bill, a Pipe of Peace in Sri Lanka [IPS]

A Buddhist monk, who tabled a bill in the Sri Lankan parliament to control
the sale of tobacco and alcohol, says he is gratified at the wide support he
has received in a country known for the deep divisions among its ethnic and
religious communities.

Omalphe Sobitha, parliamentarian representing the pro-Sinhalese Buddhist
National Heritage Party (JHU), believes that his private member's bill might
even help his party shed its ''extremist image''.
Action and Vigil for a Just Peace in Sri Lanka
Event February 17, 2006

In response to the increased violence in Sri Lanka, individuals are joining in
solidarity to voice their demands for a peace with human rights and
democracy in the country. At 4:30 pm on Friday, February 17, 2006 at the
United Nations (Ralphe Bunche Plaza at 43rd Street and 1st Avenue),
individuals committed to a Sri Lanka free of bigotry, violence and exploitation
will gather to break the silence that hangs over Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan Abductions Call for International
Intervention ! [COPE]

The paramilitary forces working with and under the direction of SL Military
Intelligence are reported to have carried out two abductions on the 29th and
30th of January 2006 at Welikande in the Government controlled area. In the
first case, three officials of Pre-School Educational Development Centre,
working under the aegis of TRO, a humanitarian aid agency assisting
tsunami and war victims, were abducted while they were on their way to
Kilinochchi on official duties. The next day, five relief workers of TRO were
abducted at the same point. As a result, relief workers of other humanitarian
agencies are reluctant and or refuse to work in those areas, thus worsening
the condition of people already suffering under the effects of war and
ts In the
first case, three officials of Pre-School Educational Development Centre,
working under the aegis of TRO, a humanitarian aid agency assisting
tsunami and war victims, were abducted while they were on their way to
Sri Lanka initiative to promote skills development for
Tsunami-hit women [OneWorld]

UNIFEM's South Asia Regional Office, in its endeavour to promote skills
development for women tsunami victims with a view to economic
rehabilitation entered into partnership with the Damrivi Foundation to
implement a professional Counselling Certificate Course with Buddhist

Accordingly the foundation will train 20 tsunami victims - mostly women or
those engaged as social workers in the tsunami affected areas to counsel
women in a culturally and gender sensitive manner.
All Lands Home - “All the world is my world, all humanity is my fraternity”
Putin ready for talks with Hamas [BBC]

The Russian president has said he will invite Hamas leaders to Moscow for
talks, following the militant group's victory in Palestinian elections.

"We must respect the choice of the Palestinian people," Vladimir Putin said
during his visit to Spain.

Hamas officials said they would be "delighted" to visit Russia.

The US and EU - who both classify Hamas as a terrorist group - have ruled
out any dealings with the group until it renounces violence against Israel.
India's economy accelerates again [BBC]

India's economy is set to grow by a faster-than-expected 8.1% in the year to
the end of March, according to a government estimate.
India: Carry On, Doctor [Outlook]

The Americans, the British, the Canadians, they are all coming. The tourist
attraction: a hospital. "After seeing your operations on 60 Minutes, we both
have new hope. Please contact us."
Arts - Culture - Heritage
Enjoying Nihal de Silva

by K.S.Sivakumaran

Lankan creative writers in English in recent times fascinate me very much.
They entertain me and enlighten me and rob my time to be engrossed with
their writing. They write well. Not only that, they write about Lankan life as
seen through contemporary eyes. They are open and less inhibited. Their
multi-disciplinary approaches are welcome.
In fiction, among my favourite writers is newcomer Nihal de Silva. He has
written three successive novels and a few of them in many reprints.
day [Feb 14,
Love in the time of war and politics [Hindu]

`Lanka' focusses on the romance between two people who
are supposed to be enemies.

`Lanka' is a movie for the Valentine's Day season. Suresh Gopi dons the
role of a character with a roving eye. "You have never seen me in this
bhava, it is indeed a flamboyant movie," claims the action hero, who, he
says, turns all mushy, romancing with screen love, Mamata Mohandas.
Lanka Lakshmy is the name of the leading lady.
Flute recital by Pravin Godkhindi:
For connoisseur and common man

One has to be classic yet contemporary to reach out to the people of this
generation. This is what Pravin Godkhindi, a young flautist, is also practising.
Pravin Godkhindi, a regular feature in various music concerts in Bangalore,
has a new style of presentation that not only suits the connoisseurs but also
touches the hearts of young listeners
click to hear A Feather Dance Fusion
Krishna Nee Begane Baro Kadri Gopalnath & Pravin Godkhindi [Sax & Flute]
A day for love

For several years I knew of only two Valentines, B.H. Valentine of England
and Alf Valentine of Jamaica. Both were reputed cricketers. I don't know
much about B.H. Valentine's achievements on the field, but along with Sonny
Ramadhin, Alf Valentine formed a deadly spin duo in West Indies cricket.
Neither of these Valentines had anything to do with love and romance. Yet
for the past five or six years, as February 14 approached, I am witness to an
eruption of love all around me.
Movie Review: Idhaya Thirudan - Faithfully formulaic

The innovativeness ends there. The long, ardent lip-kissing sequence and
the heroine's daring-to-bare approach are just usual ploys to draw crowds.
When the movie begins — with a strong concept woven around a seemingly
upright police officer and a commanding Home Secretary — you sit up for
some interesting action. But things fizzle out when the tale takes a turn
towards the romantic.
The other Ondaatje [Sunday Observer]

“I gave everything up because I wanted to write”

"I was in North America, hacking my way through the
jungles of finance,"
Short Story: The liberated woman

`Shanti takes more leave than you do and sees more movies than you have
ever seen. You seem to depend on her more than she does on you. So who
is more liberated?'
Non Profit Organization:
Mail Link

The Program:

“Mail Link” is a letter writing program to foster friendship between the Tamil
children of North America and the Tamil children affected by the war and
Tsunami in the North and East of Sri Lanka. “Mail Link” was initiated to help
in healing the hearts of those children who
survived by fostering friendship and care through regular mail
For Info, Please contact Thanja at
416-497-0885. [Contd.]
Center for Women’s Development and
Rehabilitation (CWDR)

CWDR is non-governmental organization whose mission is to ensure that
the right to life and human dignity of women and children is not violated. The
organization was formed in February 1991 by 11 socially conscious women
as a result of the urgent need for an organized welfare system for women in
the war ravaged provinces of North and East of Sri Lanka. They strive to aid
victims of war and most recently victims of Tsunami, focusing on women and
children, by providing them with the much needed love, care and basic
necessities to sustain life. Attached for your easy reference is a report on
the activities of CWDR, which is also available online at
Tender Sprouts
Childrens Home
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