TamilWeek, Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2005
"We rejected the chance
to elect Sri Lanka’s head"

says LTTE intelligence head

"We are standing proud as people
with a heightened awareness of our
nationhood. We have rejected the
chance to elect Sri Lanka’s head and
have implicitly told them to elect their
own head." So said the LTTE
intelligence wing head, Poddamman,
speaking at a Maveerar day event at
Elephant Pass.
He further said in his speech,

“We are speaking on the ground that we took back with the sacrifice of Maveerar.
Maveerar sacrifice is huge. Our people left alone, without help from another
country, have to struggle alone for their freedom. Yet, this struggle continues and
that is because of Maveerar’s sacrifice.

Maveerar cannot be forgotten. They are always remembered. They are the
symbols of our freedom struggle. Their sacrifice must become the permanent
foundation of the Tamil people. Only then their sacrifice will be meaningful.

We are standing on the ground of Elephant Pass. We lost 600 lives in our early
attempts to take it. That sacrifice is full of meaning today because we regained
Elephant Pass later. Similarly to enrich the meaning of the sacrifice of Maveerar, it
is essential that the Tamil people get their freedom.

If we loose strength, our history will be written by our enemies. If our enemies
defeat us and write our history, or our history is written by the traitors, the sacrifice
of Maveerar will loose its worth.

It was s time when Indian military was occupying our land. Indian military
surrounded our leader’s abode. Our freedom struggle was facing challenges. Our
leader thought of the Maveerar day at that time. If Maveerar are remembered all
around the world today, that is because Tamil nation is strong as a result of the
sacrifice of the Maveerar.

We reached this stage because we survived the Indian military assault. We stood
steadfast when we were expelled from Jaffna by the Sri Lankan military. We are
here today because we faced the war waged by the Sri Lankan military in Vanni.

Maveerar are remembered today because Tamil nation is in a position of strength.
We must not succumb to the efforts to weaken us, be it by the Sri Lankan
government or the forces that assist it. We must stay strong. Only then we can
ensure our freedom.

Many forces are at work behind the strength of the Tamil nation. The LTTE
military stands behind our leader. Over and above this, the Tamil nation has a
heightened awareness of its nationhood. We stand proud for having rejected the
chance to elect the head of Sri Lanka. Tamil nation in unison has taught a good
lesson to the Sinhala nation by saying to it to elect its own head.

This is the strength of the Tamil nation. This will come together as military
strength, economic strength, and political strength. Then the dream of our
Maveerar will become reality. Until then their dream will remain a dream. Let us
stand behind our leader to strengthen Tamil nation to work for that freedom”.

TamilWeek, Nov 20 - 26, 2005
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